Understanding Federal Solar Tax Credit

Federal Solar Tax Credit: Everything You Should Know

What is the Federal Solar Tax Credit? It is a tax credit that is granted to any business, house, and property owner alike, who invested in buying or installing solar panels because of their green benefits.

Did you know that investing in solar energy through your local solar companies can give you limitless benefits and zero trade-offs? Yes, you heard it right! No trade-off! In fact, you will save much more than any investment you made!

The Federal Government, through many incentive programs, allows homeowners and business owners alike to benefit and reap off the advantage of green energy – and that includes your financials! As you help the environment, you are being incentivized by the government.

Commonly referred to as Investment Tax Credit or ITC is a Federal incentivized tax crediting program that provides the individual who commits with solar installation or who owns a solar panel and operates a solar energy system tax credit.

The credit is equivalent to up to 26% which the total amount can be deductible from your federal taxes. Having the Federal Solar Tax Credit is a good thing since a lot of people benefit from it.

The ITC is available and can be enjoyed by both residential and commercial solar energy system users. The good thing about the ITC is that it does not have any cap value which means, there is no limit for the declared value as long as you are eligible and have met the requirements.

What makes me qualify?

There are certain requirements in order for an individual to qualify. Of course, in order to regulate the system and avoid malicious and fraudulent individuals from taking advantage of the Federal incentive, conditions should be met. Here are the requirements for an individual to qualify in filing the Federal Solar Tax Credit or ITC:

  1. Between January 1, 2006, to December 31, 2023, a solar panel system must have been installed on your property
  2. The solar panel system must be installed either in your primary or another residence.
  3. Electricity generated for off-site community solar projects should be credited against, and shall not exceed, the home’s electricity consumption.
  4. A taxpayer should own the solar panel system through any method of payment including cash or bank loan. The taxpayer shall not sign a lease through a solar energy provider.
  5. The solar panel is subject to inspection and should be the first time to be applied for ITC. Purchasing a house with a solar panel will disqualify the taxpayer from claiming a Federal Solar Tax Credit.

Can I use the Federal Solar Tax Credit alongside state tax incentives?

The answer is yes! Federal Solar Tax Credit can be enjoyed alongside other tax incentives pertaining to the use of green energy or solar energy. However, other tax incentives may lower the claimable percentage of your Federal Solar Tax Credit.

The ability to claim your taxes is one of the best reasons to take advantage of solar energy at home. However, you can only do this when you make sure that the amount of the ITC is large enough to make a difference in your taxes. So, before you consider installing solar panels, it is important to find out if you can claim the tax credit in your state and also secure financing for this project.


Investing in Solar Energy is the most practical and best choice when taking into consideration long-term benefits it brings. Most people don’t know about the Federal Solar Tax Credit, or if they do, they do not understand how much this Solar Tax Credit can save your household. Take advantage of this information and see for yourself!

Solaria Energy Solutions is one of the best solar companies available in the market that can guide you when it comes to enjoying the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Unlike other solar installation companies, Solaria Energy Solutions provides a guide and will actually help you get your first ITC claim.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your solar panel roof system and enjoy the limitless benefits and advantages of using green and clean solar energy. Start being responsible at the convenience of your home. If you have any questions, please call the experts now and learn more! Remember, knowledge is power!

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