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A solar storage battery allows your household to enjoy seamless power consumption. Now, you are protected from power interruption and shortages. Solaria Solar and Roofing is a trusted solar installation company with top solar solutions for your household or business needs.


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What Is a Solar Battery?

A solar battery is a storage device that allows you to store solar energy produced by your solar panels. A solar battery takes advantage of excess solar energy by storing it for later use. They are used to store solar energy produced by the solar panels independent from storing the energy produced with your power company, which is called “grid-tied” or net metering system which is majority of systems.  The batteries allow storage at your home or business.

Simplified process of how solar panels on your roof or property and the solar battery works:

01. Solar energy from the sun is stored on the solar panel

02. Solar panel converts direct current (DC) through an inverter to generate alternating current (AC)

03. The AC is used by your home and powers your electrical appliances

04. Excess electricity that is not used is stored in solar battery device for later use.

Why Use a Solar Battery?

Having the capability to store the energy produced by your roof solar panel system allows you to “un-tie” from the power grid and no longer be susceptible to power company outages.  You no longer depend on your power company to store excess energy.

A solar panel is comprised of photovoltaic cells that capture the energy from the sunlight and convert it to electricity to power your home or business.  However, it is not capable of storing electricity for later use. Solar batteries store electricity converted from solar energy and allows distribution of electricity for your household demand.

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Top Benefits of Solar Battery

The solar battery storage system gives you the advantage of using converted electricity for when you need it the most. Here are some of the top benefits of having a solar storage in your home:

Having a solar battery allows you to store solar energy so you can use it for later. The solar battery allows you to use solar energy during times without the sun.

A rule of thumb when having a solar-powered home is the more you use your solar panel system, the more savings you get. The savings can even get bigger as you become more independent from power grids and more self-sufficient with solar batteries.

Protect your home from power outages and blackouts with a solar battery, thanks to the electricity that your solar panel system has stored through its solar battery where it can safely unload electricity for your home use.

One of the main reasons why most of the solar power users are not independent from the power grid or the  is that they do not have solar battery storage to collect the solar energy for electricity production during power company outages.  

Cut the Cord from Your Power Company.

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We Provide the Best Solar Battery Installation Services in Central Florida

Solaria is the best solar company that provides top solar panel and solar battery installation services in Central Florida. We are a one-stop shop for all your solar energy solution needs.

Become a totally independent household from your electrical company and the power grid and avoid fluctuating electrical rates. Get more savings and free your pocket from monthly electrical bills. The solar battery is the best solar energy solution that can maximize your solar energy use and electrical consumption. With our solar panel installation and solar battery installation services, you can enjoy all the advantages that this sustainable energy provides.

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Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

yes, we do not ask for upfront fees! Get your solar battery storage and solar panel installation without any upfront fees.

Our solar panel and solar battery storage system are designed to optimally perform day and night, regardless of the season.

Our solar panels carry a 25-year manufacturers’ warranty.

yes, you own the unit so you can claim all the tax incentives and benefits that are rightfully yours!

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We have partnered with SolarInsure, the most trusted name in home solar warranties, to offer you a best in-class 30 year parts and labor extended warranty.

with our app monitoring, you can manage and oversee the production and consumption of solar energy for your property easily right from your smartphone.

we offer various financial loans with low Annual Percentage Rates to minimize your payback period.

Contact Our Solar Panel Installers Now!

Talk to our solar panel experts and consultants and understand how you can benefit from solar panels. We have the most competitive and flexible pricing and solar panel cost. With Solaria Solar and Roofing, we can guide you throughout your solar panel journey.   Our work does not stop with the install.  We provide top-notch customer service and follow-up to answer any questions and concerns on your solar panel installation down the line.

We offer free consultation and competitive pricing packages with zero upfront fees. Find out why we are a 5-Star Rated company.  Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and quote today.

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Why wait to go solar?

Call our representatives now and get your free consultation and learn about the low solar panel installation cost we offer.

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