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Solar Battery in Hurricane Outage: How To Get Most Out Of It Before and During Horrible Storm

If you’ve been relying on old energy sources like gasoline and coal to power your house, you know that electricity is the first thing to go when a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes. It can be incredibly infuriating, especially if you don’t have another contingency plan. A solar battery can give help in this kind of situation. It can essentially work as a backup power source that stores energy from the sun to provide power when the grid is down. Here’s how to use a solar battery to prepare for and deal with an outage.

Nothing Beats a Properly Prepared Solar Battery

A solar battery is ideal for ensuring that you have electricity when everyone else requires it. Consider this: a solar panel company may install batteries charged by sunlight. If your power is out during a hurricane, you’ll still be able to draw from the energy stored in your battery. It can help keep your lights running. In a nutshell, it might make all the difference during a disaster scenario.

Here’s what you can do before an outage due to a hurricane or other natural disasters:

  • Ensure the solar battery is compatible with the solar panel roof installed in your home. It will avoid any damages that may occur to your homes during the installation process.
  • When it comes to solar batteries, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution because the length of time without power varies. When unsure how long your electricity will be out, choose a battery size proportional to how much power you’ll need. Check with an expert for an accurate prediction.
  • Be sure to have a proper place to store the solar battery. It is crucial to put your battery in an area where it will not get hit by debris or sustain any damage from high winds.
  • To make your battery last longer than possible, install and take care of it properly. It means keeping it in a cool, dry place and regular cleaning.
  • Be sure to test the battery regularly to ensure it’s working correctly. It is essential before hurricane season.

Furthermore, always seek advice from a solar panel installation business like Solaria Energy Solutions, which specializes in batteries and solar energy, to learn how to maintain your solar battery.

Solar Battery In Hurricane

Using a Solar Battery During an Outage

Ultimately, your solar battery will be your backup emergency power source, especially when you need it the most. But to be clear, it will not be a never-ending power source, as it will need charging periodically. It still has its limitations. Here is how you can use it to your advantage during an outage:

  1. If the power outage is prolonged, cut back on using electronics and appliances. Only use them when it’s necessary to save your solar battery power.
  2. When you have a generator, start it up and plug in any essentials like your refrigerator, lights, and phone charger. Then, use your solar battery to supplement the power provided by the generator. Be sure to charge your devices as much as possible during the daytime to use them at night and conserve the battery power.
  3. If the electricity goes out for a short time, you may not need to utilize your solar battery. Always err on caution when utilizing your solar battery, no matter what.

A solar battery is a must-have during an extended power outage since it will keep your lights on while you wait for the grid to resume functioning. However, don’t overuse it or drain its energy – only utilize it when necessary. With these in mind, you can be better prepared next time a power outage occurs.

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