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Utilize Solar Power with these 3 Lesser-Known Ways

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read some of our blogs and done some due diligence on solar power, our company as a solar power company, solar installation, and the benefits going solar can generate for your home and/or your business(es). This means, you know there are pros and cons, and you know what the benefits and incentives are. However, outside of purely the incentives to go solar, what else do you know? Today, let’s take a slightly different approach to where solar power can be used to power your home. As it turns out, it’s not just about keeping the lights on. 

When most people think of solar power and solar installation, they think of spending thousands of dollars to cover their roof in solar panels. While this is certainly an option, and a viable one at that, you don’t have to go that route. There are other lesser known ways to increase energy efficiency in your home using the power of solar energy, and other ways we’re here for you and your energy needs.

Solar Powered Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans of any kind are typically a good idea as they help with removing hot air from your home and keep your home cooler, which in turn reduces cooling costs, therefore, making your home more energy efficient. HOWEVER, they require electricity to function and are wired into your home’s electrical grid – thereby somewhat defeating the energy-saving purposes.

Thanks to modern-day technology, you now have a different option such as solar power. There are self-contained roof vent fans that possess a small panel of photo-electric cells that serve to operate the fan motor and eliminate the need for household electrical current. These units are ideal for keeping garages, sheds, or attic spaces cool. As a bonus, there are also free-standing units that would be great for patio areas.

Water Heaters

Do you have pool with no heater? Have you ever attempted to take a swim during a cool day, or late in the evening once the sun is down? If so, you’ve probably experienced one of the WORST feelings in the world: ice cold water. Even if you don’t have a pool, you absolutely have a water heater (or else you’d probably shower once a week). 

Both swimming pools, and indoor water facilities are much more enjoyable when the temperature is just right. However, your water heater (whether its function is for your outdoor pool or your indoor facilities) is one of the biggest energy draining systems in your home. This is another little known area in which solar power can be utilized. Enter; the solar power water heater. These heaters for both pools and indoor water features work similarly; the thermal energy absorbed in a solar panel system is used to heat flowing water, before sending it back to your pool or your faucet/shower. 

Solar Water Heater On Roof

Active water heater systems that utilize solar energy have either direct or indirect systems. Direct systems use a pump to circulate water through solar collectors and into the usage area. These systems work well in areas that don’t reach freezing temperatures (like here in Florida!). Indirect systems utilize an anti-freeze liquid that circulates through solar collectors and a heat exchanger that transfers the energy into the water. 

At Solaria we’re a fan of the hybrid water heater. These heaters are powered by electricity while using heat pump technology that takes advantage of the year round Floridian heat. Our heaters use the air from the surrounding environment to increase water temperature and contain smart technology that allows the heater to adjust it’s heating method depending on the water demand. This way, you never have to sacrifice water temperature. 


A solar battery functions as a device that allows you to store excess energy that is produced by your solar panels. This energy can then power other features in your house, and allows you to “un-tie” from the power grid, and frees you from susceptibility to power outages or poor weather conditions, which translates into more savings.  Lets say you go on vacation and have your batteries charging. When you come back, you’d be able to run your appliances from those batteries.

Batteries can also help offset solar panel costs and the cost of solar installation by affording you excess energy to use and maximizing energy production while eliminating energy “waste.” 

Solar Battery Sunset Sky

We pride ourselves on being a well-rounded solar panel company that specializes not only in solar installation but also in more versatile and lower-priced energy solutions such as hybrid water heaters and solar batteries. Our goal is to make solar energy accessible to all while reducing the barriers to entry that usually come with solar installation.

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