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Solar Energy System: 3 Reasons Now Might be the Time to Switch

While there are many reasons to utilize solar energy systems, today we’re focusing on the reasons to switch now. Not later, not soon, but now! You might ask yourself what the urgency is, and that’s what we’re here for. To fill the gap between the consumer and the education about solar panels and their benefits.

To sum it up for you, there are three pressing reasons that solar energy system has become even more important today; your wallet will thank you (we are in a recession after all), and there is future uncertainty regarding the availability and cost of solar panels, and climate change is here. The time to act is now – what side of history do you want to be on?

To elaborate:

1. Your wallet

In today’s hectic and sometimes downright scary world, the prices of everything are rapidly increasing due to supply chain barriers and disruptions. Looking at the most recent data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can see that the cumulative prices for all items have increased 8.6% from May 2021 till May 2022, food costs have increased by 10.1%, and energy costs have soared, rising 34.6% in the last year. It’s true. You’re not just paying more at the pump; your electrical bill is skyrocketing due to the increased cost of energy supply on the market. 

The economics behind energy are a little…alarming. The energy services provided to us have gone up on average over 20%, with direct electricity costing 10.6% more and natural gas sourced electricity costing a whopping 30.2% on average. So, although electricity sourced from non-natural gas is going up, it goes to show that electricity generated from other sources (namely solar and wind) is going to cost us quite a bit less. By investing in solar panel installation you can set yourself up to save some serious change in today’s unstable market by creating your own electricity through solar energy system and even selling excess back to the power grid. It’s a win-win.

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2. Uncertainty of availability

That’s right, more uncertainty. The future availability of solar panels and solar energy system resources/materials are unstable, and a bit of a mystery. For today’s purposes, we’ll stick to a brief breakdown of the tariffs the solar energy system space is facing. However, this is such an important topic we definitely plan to speak about it more in the coming months. Essentially in March of 2022, an investigation was launched by the Department of Commerce in California, which resulted in halting the importation of solar panels and equipment necessary to make solar a possibility. 

Now whether this investigation has merit is beside the point, most panels (upwards of 90%) were being sourced from southeast Asian countries, as these were the most economical places to produce them, however with the investigation in March, halted the US from importing nearly anything. Fast forward to June 06, 2022 – President Joe Biden announced his administration will allow the importation of these solar panels for 24 months, followed by the use of the Defense Production Act to implore increased domestic production of solar panels. Effectively, what this means is that we are getting a 2-year breather and the ability to get the equipment needed to help you get solar at reasonable prices. However, in two years when this executive action expires, we may be in for an exponential increase in the cost of solar projects and solar installation.

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3. Climate Change

It’s here, and it’s bad. We are feeling the effects already (especially here in Florida and other already warm places) and unless we take action it is not stopping – and will only be getting worse. Unfortunately, throughout history, we have relied on greenhouse gasses released by the combustion of nonrenewable resources, which has led to diminished quality of life for us all. That beach house you wanted to retire to in 2045? It may be underwater due to rising sea levels. Additionally, the once tropical paradise you dreamed of may be uninhabitable due to extreme temperatures. As you’ve probably noticed, each year is hotter than the last, and temperatures continue to rise due to climate change. Renewable energy is one of the biggest keys to halting (or at the very least reducing) the effects of climate change by 2050 (the global plan to avoid the worst effects).  

Ultimately, switching to solar energy system is not only a smart choice – it’s a necessity. From an economic standpoint, it may not always be feasible, but as we become more aware of the needs and benefits of solar energy systems as an individual and as a community, it will be easier to make that leap. It’s time to switch.

Today, solar is our best answer to this – are you in?

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