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Solar Panel Savings: How Solar Companies Promise Lower Bills in the Future

When you’re looking for solar companies for homes, you want to ensure that you’re going with a company that can promise you lower bills in the future. Solar panel technology has come a long way in recent years, and solar energy companies can provide homeowners with solar panels that will save them money on their energy bills. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how solar panel companies can promise savings in the future and why it’s essential to go solar now!

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Understanding Solar Panels

Solar panels are instruments that use the sun’s light to create energy. It consists of solar cells that are silicon composed. When the sun’s rays hit a solar panel, they loosen electrons from atoms in the silicon. The solar cell’s metal contacts capture free-flowing electrons, creating an electric current used to power your home or business.

How Do Solar Companies Save You Money?

Save Energy With Solar Panels

Solar panels allow you to set aside money on your energy bills, and solar companies can promise savings in the future because of this technology’s declining solar panel cost. The price of solar panels has dropped by 99% since 1977 [1] and continues to decline as expected. As solar panel technology becomes more affordable, solar companies can offer homeowners solar panels that will save them money on their energy bills.

Not yet convinced? Let’s put the numbers together.

 Solar panels generate an average of 100 to 400 watts, which can offset 30 to 120 kWh of energy each month [2]. In the United States, the average residential electricity rate is 14.92 per kilowatt-hour [3], so solar panels may save customers $447.60 a month ($14.92 x 30 kWh). 

 In other words, solar panels have the potential to save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year on their energy bills, and solar companies can promise these savings because of the declining cost of solar panel technology. In addition, the federal government has increased the solar tax credit from 26% to 30% between 2022 and 2032 [4]. It makes solar more affordable, and solar companies can pass on these savings to homeowners.

 Solar panels are an excellent way to save money, and as solar energy becomes increasingly affordable, now is the time to switch! Solar companies can guarantee future savings because of declining solar panel technology prices. Save money on your power bills by switching to solar today!

 If you’re interested in going solar, we recommend you check out Solaria Energy Solutions. A solar panel company in Orlando and surrounding regions offer solar panel installation for commercial and residential use.

Solar Cells in the future

In Harvard University’s 2019 study [5], silicon solar cells will become increasingly cheaper and more widespread in the next few years. In America, there is an estimation that solar power production will grow by a massive 700% come 2050 due to these decreasing costs. As research continues, alternatives for more efficient and less expensive solar cells. Years from now, options for silicon will most likely be discovered on our solar farms and rooftops, allowing us to obtain clean and renewable energy. The advancements in solar cell technology have arisen from the increase in bulk production, and new mechanisms have facilitated cheaper and more productive cells.

 With this,  solar companies will have an even easier time providing solar panels to homeowners at a cost affordable for everyone to go solar and save money on their energy bills. The time has never been better to switch to solar power, and the future looks bright for this renewable energy source for all of us.

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