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The city of Minneola, known as “Many Waters”, is a treasure trove of unique beauty and community spirit. Known for its picturesque landscapes, Minneola is an ideal locale for those seeking both tranquility and accessibility. As the citrus farming era gave way to infrastructure development, the area flourished, attracting residents and investors that paved the way for its continuous progress.

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we are committed to enhancing Minneola’s charm by providing top-tier roofing services. As premier roofing contractors in Minneola, we specialize in roof replacements and repair. Our team understands the local climate and its effect on roofing materials, ensuring durable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for every home and business.

Recognizing the financial aspect of property improvements, we offer flexible roof financing options to fit every budget, making it easier for Minneola’s community to invest in their homes and businesses without compromise. Choose Solaria Solar and Roofing for reliable service and expert craftsmanship that complements Minneola’s unique blend of hometown atmosphere and big-city convenience.

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Our Roofing Services in Minneola, FL

Residential Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt Shingle roofing is a preferred choice among Minneola homeowners for its resilience and affordability. These shingles complement a variety of architectural designs and are available in colors like tan, terracotta, and black, offering:

Architectural shingles

These shingles add depth and character with their three-dimensional look.

Luxury Roofing Shingles

Specially suited for Minneola's diverse weather, these shingles offer enhanced durability and an extended lifespan.

This roofing type is celebrated for its ability to blend aesthetics with practical benefits, providing both style and robustness.

New Installed Gray Shingle Roof In Orlando Fl
Mediterranean Tile Roof Header Resized

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing in Minneola offers a blend of classic beauty and modern functionality, making it a preferred choice for enhancing home exteriors. Available tile options include:

Natural materials

Traditional materials like slate and clay, which bring a timeless elegance.

Durable alternatives

Long-lasting materials such as concrete, composite, and metal tiles.

Innovative options

Modern solutions like solar tiles and copper tiles that merge functionality with cutting-edge technology.

Commercial Roofing

Metal Roofing

In Minneola, opting for commercial metal roof solutions offers exceptional sturdiness and energy efficiency, making it ideal for commercial buildings, including warehouses and retail outlets. Chosen frequently by commercial roofers, metal roofing provides:


Significantly cuts long-term costs related to maintenance and replacement.

Weather Resistance

Delivers safety and reliability, even in severe weather conditions.

Metal roofing stands out in Minneola for its cost-effectiveness and extended lifespan, ensuring robust protection for various commercial setups.

Storm Proofing Metal Roofing
Modern Flat Roofing Shapes Resized

Flat Roofing

Well-suited to Minneola’s commercial architecture, flat roofing is valued for its versatility. Each material offers distinct benefits:


Noted for its excellent leak resistance and longevity.


Known for its fire safety and environmental benefits.

Built-up Roofing (BUR)

Provides superior protection with its multiple-layer structure.

As your “flat roofing contractors near me”, we recommend these materials for their adaptability and protective qualities, ensuring sustained performance for Minneola’s commercial buildings.

TPO Roofing

For commercial entities in Minneola, TPO roofing stands out due to its cost efficiency and robustness. The benefits of choosing TPO include:

Energy Efficiency

Its reflective surface significantly lowers cooling expenses.

Cost Effectiveness

Both installation and maintenance are economically advantageous, reducing overall upkeep costs.


With superior resistance to environmental elements, TPO is a lasting solution for commercial premises.

TPO roofers prefer this roofing type in Minneola for its economic and performance advantages.

Tpo Roofing Impact
Modified Bitumen Commercial Roofing System

Modified Bitumen Roofing

In Minneola, modified bitumen roofing is a top choice for new constructions, and it is known for its reliability and protective features. Its key advantages are:

Durability and Waterproofing

Exceptional resistance to tears and leaks enhances building protection.

Ease of Use

Simple installation and maintenance make it user-friendly.

Energy Efficiency

Helps lower operational costs through its energy-conserving attributes.

Modified bitumen is valued for its tear resistance, ease of maintenance, and energy savings, making it ideal for Minneola’s new construction projects.

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Roof Repair

Do you have leaks in your roof? We secure your properties with utmost priority. Renowned for our efficient handling of roof leak repairs near me, we provide:

Rapid Leak Identification and Repair

Our experts swiftly detect and remedy leaks to minimize disruption in your household.

Proactive Maintenance

We preemptively tackle potential problems to prevent future damage and increase your roof’s lifespan.

Immediate action on leaks is vital for several reasons:

Property Protection

Prompt repairs avert potential structural damage.

Cost Savings

Addressing issues early helps avoid expensive repairs later.

Enhanced Roof Longevity

Regular maintenance keeps your roof in optimal condition longer.

Rely on Solaria Solar and Roofing for prompt and dependable roofing repair services, keeping your Minneola home secure.

Right Metal Roofing For Your Home

Roof Replacement

Man Working On Roof Replacement

In Minneola, homes with considerable aging or damage may need a roofing replacement. Solaria Solar and Roofing offers expert roof replacement services designed to elevate your residential and commercial property’s safety and appearance:

Expert Re-roofing Services

We boost the curb appeal and functionality with top-quality materials.

Guaranteed Efficient Process

Our team guarantees a smooth, worry-free process from consultation to completion.

Opting for a new roof comes with numerous benefits:

Superior Weather Protection

Safeguards against Minneola’s specific weather challenges.

Boost in Property Value

A new roof increases the appeal of your property to buyers, enhancing market value.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Enjoy reduced upkeep expenses with a durable new roof.

Roof Financing

Recognizing the substantial investment involved in roofing upkeep, Solaria Solar and Roofing introduce adaptable roof financing solutions tailored for Minneola residents, ensuring that vital roof maintenance or upgrades are financially attainable:

Varied Financing Solutions

We partner with reputable lenders to offer various financing alternatives tailored to meet diverse needs.

Efficient Application Procedure

Our streamlined processes are designed for your convenience, facilitating a hassle-free application experience.

These financing options are not just about easing your budget constraints; they also bring several advantages:

Increased Accessibility

Our financing makes crucial roofing work accessible, easing your financial burden.

Prompt Responses

Facilitate quick interventions for any roofing concerns, preventing potential escalations.

Personalized Financing

We provide customized financing options that cater to different financial conditions, making top-notch roofing services accessible to all in Minneola.

Solar Energy Net Billing Vs Net Metering

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Precision Roofing Process Tailored for Minneola

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, recognized as one of the best roofers in Minneola, we ensure a comprehensive and precise roofing process designed for your complete satisfaction and safety. Here’s how we do it:

Initial Consultation and Site Review

Our journey starts with a detailed understanding of your needs and a thorough examination of your property to know the most effective roofing solutions.

Tailored Roofing Design

We design your roof to complement your home’s style and your taste, merging beauty with practicality.

Permitting and Compliance

We manage all necessary permits and approvals, ensuring your roofing project complies with local Minneola regulations.

Efficient Installation

Our experienced team executes the installation swiftly and meticulously, aiming to minimize any inconvenience.

Quality Assurance and Maintenance

Post-installation, we conduct an in-depth inspection to ensure top quality and provide ongoing maintenance to enhance your roof’s longevity.

Our process is designed to be transparent and systematic to meet the unique demands of the Minneola community.

Explore the Solaria Signature in Minneola

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we stand out as more than just a roofing company—we are your local Minneola experts dedicated to enhancing both the safety and beauty of your residential and commercial properties. Here’s what sets us apart in Minneola:


Proven Local Expertise

Our team, deeply familiar with Minneola’s specific climate challenges, leverages years of experience to provide roofing solutions that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Premium Materials and Reliable Service

We utilize only the finest materials, ensuring your roof withstands Minneola’s unique weather conditions. Our service is swift, dependable, and consistently professional, distinguishing us from other local roofers.

Best Choice

Certified Excellence

Our pride in holding GAF certification reflects our commitment to superior roofing quality and craftsmanship.

Our Trusted Roofing Products

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we only use the roofing industry’s most respected names for roofing materials.

Certainteed Logo

CertainTeed is an industry-leading manufacturer known for its high-quality roofing materials.

Tamko Building Products Inc Logo

Tamko is renowned for its popular Heritage series of shingles—over 75 years in the industry, known for its wide variety of roofing materials and styles.


GAF is North America's largest roofing manufacturer, offering a wide range of roofing solutions.

Owens Corning

Owens Corning has been at the forefront for 69 consecutive years, offering insulation, roofing, and fiberglass composite solutions.

Solaria Solar and Roofing remains devoted to excellence, ensuring our roofing technicians are equipped with industry-leading products. For roofs that genuinely last, trust Solaria.

Every Business in Minneola Deserves a Reliable Roof

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we believe that a strong roof is foundational to any thriving business in Minneola. As one of the leading roofing companies and local roofers in Minneola, we are dedicated to delivering not just roofs but also reliable partnerships.

Our engagement with the local community goes beyond mere transactions. Each roofing project is an opportunity to enhance safety and functionality for local businesses, contributing to the community’s resilience against Florida’s dynamic weather. Our commitment is reflected in our thorough selection of materials and our attention to every detail in installation and maintenance. We ensure that each roofing solution is tailored to withstand the unique climatic challenges of Minneola, thereby safeguarding your business and investment.

Whether you’re refurbishing an old building or constructing a new one, Solaria Solar and Roofing is your trusted local expert, committed to ensuring that your business’s roof is built to last, providing peace of mind and a solid foundation for your operations.

Minneola's Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

The price for installing a shingle roof in Minneola typically ranges from $5 to $6 per square foot. This cost fluctuates based on the shingle material, the roof’s overall size, and the installation’s complexity.

In Minneola, as across Florida, roofers must have a state-issued license. This regulation ensures they adhere to Florida’s strict standards for quality and safety. Always check a roofer’s licensing status before hiring.

Yes, in Florida, including Minneola, roofers must obtain a state-issued license to operate legally. This license is essential for ensuring they comply with local building codes and protect homeowners from poor workmanship.

Roofing challenges in Minneola often include:

  • Recurrent leaks and moisture complications, exacerbated by regular rainfall.
  • Damage caused by strong winds, particularly during the hurricane season.
  • Problems due to inadequate installation or poor craftsmanship.
  • Quicker degradation from insufficient maintenance.
  • Water pooling on flat roofs, which is notably problematic in commercial settings.

Choosing a roofer in Minneola involves several critical steps:

  • License Verification: Confirm that the roofer has a valid Florida roofing license.
  • Review Checks: Read through feedback from other Minneola homeowners.
  • Insurance Verification: Ensure the contractor has proper liability and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Comparative Estimates: Solicit and compare several quotes from local roofing contractors.
  • Reference Checks: Contact past clients to assess the quality of the contractor’s work

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