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5 Reasons You Should Use Solar Energy For Your Pool

Remember the tortoise and the hare? There’s a reason that age-old saying is still around about how “slow and steady wins the race.” There’s a valuable lesson in learning that it doesn’t always take drastic change and skill to achieve meaningful results. Why is a solar energy company talking about a tortoise you ask? Well, there’s a common mistake we see in our business among our clients; they think that solar panel installation requires outfitting your entire home and powering your entire home to be worth it. While making the switch to solar energy for your home is indeed a huge benefit and money saver, there are other smaller steps you can take in your journey towards renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint (and saving yourself money).

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Today we wanted to talk about a particularly Floridian use of residential solar panels; a solar panel-powered pool! Let’s talk about the benefits of utilizing solar panels for your pool heater/pool pump operations.

5 reasons to use solar energy

  1. They provide significant cost savings and last longer than traditional pool heating equipment. says “A solar pool heating system usually costs between $2,500 and $4,000 to buy and install. This provides a payback of between 1 and 7 years, depending on your local fuel costs and available solar resource. They also typically last longer than gas and heat pump pool heaters.”

    Importantly, this is a very similar price range for regular pool equipment that only depreciates in value instead of paying itself off.  Normal pool heaters have an average life expectancy of 6 to 12 years. Whereas, solar panel-based systems, last longer, up to 20 years!

  2. Solar panel use for pool heating may provide you with a tax incentive in some states. Floridians get an added bonus: they can purchase solar water heating systems that include all associated components without paying sales tax on them, as they are exempt in the State of Florida!

  3. In regards to the pool pump machinery, switching to a solar alternative could save you about $150/month on average (depending on your location’s weather and electricity rates). As long as you are getting at least 10 hours of direct sunlight year-round, the solar pool pump is financially well worth it, according to, a site focused on advocating for renewable, clean, and solar energy.

  4. Solar pool heaters/pumps may provide more ground clearance than traditional equipment, as you don’t have to situate the equipment on the ground like traditional equipment. Solar panels can be placed on your roof or anywhere else near the swimming pool that provides the proper exposure and orientation to the sun.

  5. By investing in a renewable energy system, you are further able to reduce your fossil fuel reliance and carbon footprint, ensuring that for years to come you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard and pool space while having a positive impact on our planet.
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Did you know you could utilize residential solar panels for your pool?

You may not be aware that you can harness solar energy for your pool. This is a lower-cost way to leverage the power of solar energy (you’ll need fewer solar panels than you would if you were attempting to power your entire home) and save some money in the process. We at Solaria Energy Solutions think solar panels can be a great investment for everyone, no matter your budget. We’re a solar panel company that focuses on the future of the planet, and our mission is to make solar energy accessible for everyone. Let us know if you’d like more information about how we can help you set up your solar panel system.

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