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Protect Yourself from Solar Panel Scam: Red Flags You Must Watch Out

As the government has been very supportive of solar energy production, solar panel scams have become increasingly frequent. Solar panel scammers can be either solar installers or salespeople who aim to profit by taking advantage of people’s lack of technical knowledge about solar panels.

A few nefarious actors will attempt to disguise themselves as reliable companies, luring unsuspecting victims with false promises and deceptive incentives. Such people of solar panel scams are not above using aggressive sales tactics or misrepresenting their services to manipulate a deal. Preying on those who desire access to solar power but lack the knowledge to distinguish between a good offer and an ill-advised one, you must avoid these unscrupulous entities at all costs.

To avoid solar panel scams, watch out for these warning signs:

Contracts with deceptive terms

When considering a solar panel purchase, be aware of the risks of scammers taking advantage of your lack of knowledge. To ensure that you’re receiving all possible benefits without falling victim to deceitful promises, ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your financing options before committing. Although they may promise that you own the panels during the sale, remember that Power Purchase Agreement (P.P.A.) and Solar Lease do not grant ownership, resulting in no federal or state incentive programs available for these specific choices.

A power purchase agreement or lease can also come with unexpected expenses, suboptimal rates, and restrictive contracts that could make it difficult for you to bail out – all while failing to offer any value to your home.

Scammers posing as utility representatives

Be wary of any solar panel company that uses deceptive sales tactics, such as posing as utility company representatives, to entice you into signing a solar contract. The goal of solar scammers is to exploit your trust in the utilities by tricking you into thinking they have a special program or discount for solar panels.

If someone approaches you claiming to be from your utility company, check if the utility provider in your area authorizes them. Furthermore, they make various statements, such as eliminating your electricity bill and significant savings due to government tax credits running out—savings too generous to pass up. Not only that, but many other claims abound as well.

High-Pressure Tactics

Some solar installers may pressure you into signing up for solar panels with promises of a limited-time offer. Be aware that solar panel companies commonly use aggressive sales tactics to get people to sign contracts without understanding the full details or comparing solar panel quotes. To avoid falling prey to solar scams, take your time signing any solar contracts and read all the details before deciding.

Written Permission to Access Credit Reports

Be cautious if a solar company does not request written consent to access your credit report. Solar scammers often use aggressive tactics and deceptive language to make you sign an agreement without informing you of the installation process, what rights are available as a customer, or financing options. Moreover, never electronically sign documents on an electronic device such as a laptop or tablet – they could potentially replicate and use your signature illegally without your knowledge

How to Avoid Solar Panel Scam

Avoid being a victim of solar panel scams by remembering the acronym C.L.E.A.R.

Conduct proper research: Take the time to examine solar companies thoroughly before signing a contract. Check customer reviews, review solar panels‘ pricing, and validate installers’ credentials to ensure you make an informed decision.

Look at the fine print: Only sign solar contracts after carefully reviewing them first. Before making your final decision, you must fully comprehend the installation, financing, and incentive terms and conditions.

Ensure the solar provider is authorized: Before enlisting a solar installer, ensure they possess the necessary qualifications and expertise in your state, such as being fully licensed and insured.

Ask questions: Ensure you know all your questions and concerns when looking into solar contracts. Be bold and ask the installer about panel costs, incentives available, financing opportunities they may offer, and warranties that come with it. Understanding each detail is crucial in making an informed decision when selecting a solar plan.

Request written permission to access your credit: Solar installers should always obtain written authorization before examining your credit report. Only sign solar contracts if you have received direct, explicit permission in writing!

Solar Panel Red Flags

The Bottom Line:

By arming yourself with knowledge of solar panel scams, you can be better prepared to choose solar companies or contracts that are right for you and your home. If something doesn’t seem right—trust your gut. Always research solar installers and solar panel installation prices before signing any solar contracts! Be sure to compare solar quotes, ask questions, and do your due diligence regarding solar panel installation. It is imperative to work with a solar installation company that will complete your solar installation safely and professionally, and Solaria Energy Solutions is that company.

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