Ground Mount Solar Panels System

Ground-Mount Solar Panels 101: An Introduction to Better Understand this Solar Panel System

You may consider rooftop panels as the best option when choosing solar panels. However, there is another method to consider: ground-mount solar panels! Not only are these easy to set up, but they also offer multiple benefits compared with rooftop alternatives. Ground-mount systems can be a great choice for those who don’t possess enough suitable surface area for their needs. 

To help you make a confident decision, Solaria Energy Solutions would like to present an overview of solar panel installation on the ground. Let’s begin by exploring the following topics: 

  • What is Ground-Mounted Solar Panel? 
  • Types of Ground-Mount Panel Structures 
  • How Ground-Mount Solar Panel Works 
  • Can I DIY the Installation since it is ground-mounted? 

Ground-mount photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems are the perfect answer for homeowners seeking to maximize their energy production potential. With impressive size options – up to 144 half-cells or 72 cells! – you can install these structures on various surfaces and conditions. To have an effective ground-mounted system, you will require at least 350 square feet of open area that is sunny enough. 

A ground-mount PV system is the perfect choice if you want maximum efficiency and plenty of setup options. This option also provides guaranteed snow clearance, light shade coverage, and easy access for maintenance work – a winning combination! 

Types of Ground-Mount Panel Structures

Two primary structures are available for homeowners installing residential ground-mounted solar panels. However, they must carefully consider a few major points that may influence their final decision. 

Pole Mount

  • Pole Mount structures are stabilizing systems with one pole firmly embedded in the ground, similar to wind turbines and stand-alone signs. On top of this mast sits an intricate frame that securely holds your solar panels in place while maximizing efficiency. 
  • Pole-mounted systems provide extra clearance from the floor, making avoiding trees and other obstacles possible. This ground-mount solar panel installation can be a great option if you have tight space restrictions or want to keep a small footprint on your lawn. 
  • Pole mounts are a great choice when positioning solar panels since they enable you to adjust the angle, ensuring your solar panel has access to maximum daylight. 
  • Pole mounting costs more than ground mounting. Extra tools and labor costs can be costly and add to expenses. 

Standard Ground Mount

  • Standard ground mount systems commonly feature metal frames inserted into the earth to hold your solar panels firmly in place and at an established angle. With some of these models, it is possible to manually adjust them a few times annually depending on the seasonal adjustments of sunlight. 
  • Generally, standard ground mount systems keep a solar array firmly in place. 
  • When it comes to cost-effectiveness and convenience, this system is unmatched compared to pole mounts – making installation and maintenance a breeze. 
  • Mount systems of the traditional variety don’t have much success in areas with high snowfall, and they become more exposed to wildlife or vandalism that could wreak havoc on them. 

How Grount-Mount Solar Panel Works

Ground-mounted solar panel systems capture the maximum sunlight throughout the day by strategically angling them. Because you can adjust their tilt for seasonal changes in light exposure, ground-mounted PV systems produce more electricity than those on rooftops. By regularly rotating or adjusting your system’s angle based on the season, you guarantee that it maximizes energy production and provides a consistent flow of power all year. 

It is necessary to build additional structures to secure and efficiently deploy ground-mounted solar panels. Additional structures can range from several inches to several feet high. Also, shadows will not appear on your home if you use the wiring. It will help ensure that connectivity takes place and the necessary safety equipment is readily accessible.

Being a ground-mounted device, can I do the installation myself?

Due to the complexity of ground-mounted solar panel installation, it is advisable to hire a professional company. Even though you can mount solar panels in the ground with some basic tools and instructions, an expert will have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure your system is ready for operation in no time. You will save time and money in the long run, as even a small mistake can lead to costly repairs. 

Ground Mount Solar Panels

Ready to Install a Ground-Mounted Solar Panel System?

Anyone who wants to reduce energy costs while limiting the impact on their home or property should consider ground-mounted solar panel systems. By investing in ground-mounting, you can ensure your solar panels capture maximum amounts of light. Moreover, it guarantees your system’s optimal performance and keeps it safe from unwanted visitors. For expert ground-mount solar panel installation, reach out to a trusted solar panel installation company. Start enjoying all the rewards of energy independence.

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