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Protect Your St. Cloud Home with Solaria Solar and Roofing: Your Gateway to Sustainable Living and Durable Roofing.

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Solaria Solar and Roofing is your eco-conscious partner in St. Cloud, dedicated to advancing sustainability with comprehensive solar and roofing solutions. Our mission is to empower you with cutting-edge solar panel systems and robust roofing options, all at the most competitive prices. We demystify the solar transition, presenting the financial and environmental advantages in clear, straightforward terms, so you can harness the planet’s cleanest renewable resource with confidence and ease.


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Transform Your Home with Solaria Solar and Roofing Today!

Unlock a Greener Future with Solaria Solar and Roofing! Transform your home with our expert solar and roofing solutions. Contact us now for a free consultation and take the first step towards sustainable living.

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We stand by our commitment to be the best solar company in Florida.  Just read some of our 5-star reviews directly from our customers!

Top Reasons for Going Solar

Beyond the obvious benefit of using a solar panel for your home or commercial establishment as an alternative to traditional electricity, the solar panel roof system allows you to be more responsible by turning away from pollution caused by huge power generation plants and limiting the use of freshwater consumption for energy production.

Here are other reasons that will convince you to make the switch:

No Power Bill

Imagine a day without receiving an electricity bill. That day is soon to come and will give you huge savings.

Tax Incentives

The federal government, local government, and stage government made sure that many household and commercial business owners have a positive response to the solar panel. Hence, the government and specific regulatory bodies made tax incentives available so that adaptation in solar panels and renewable resources are successful.

Short Payback Period

This renewable energy system has a short payback period due to the dramatic decrease in the cost of solar technology. It is low-risk and a great investment.

Increased Property Value

Studies have shown that adding a solar panel system in your home or business can increase your property’s value. It would be a great addition for your own use today and for the need to sell your property in the future when you need to move to a different place.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

As climate change threatens the generations to come, you are contributing to improving the condition of the environment when you start using your own solar rooftop.

Avoid Power Outages

If you want to avoid any unexpected power interruptions during stormy days or just any time of any day, our solar panel system and solar battery installation services have got you covered.


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

You do not have to pay a huge amount when you invest in solar panel installation with Solaria. We offer zero upfront fees so you do not have to worry about huge out-of-pocket expenses.

Strategizing on how to perfectly fix and install your solar panel roof is what our solar panel experts are really good at. We made sure that energy production is maximized with correctly sizing and placement of your solar panels.

We use only the best manufacturers of solar panels. Solaria Energy Solutions provides a 25-year manufacturer warranty, so your solar panel system investment is protected.

We have partnered with SolarInsure, the most trusted name in home solar warranties, to offer you a best in-class 30 year parts and labor extended warranty. Fully transferrable!

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We make sure that you own the unit and no third parties are part-owner. In our contract, you are specified to own the unit which allows you to file for certain tax credits and incentives from the government.

Unlike other solar panel installation companies, Solaria Energy Solutions does not take credit for your tax incentives. We guarantee that 100% of the tax credit incentives are yours to keep and enjoy. We can even guide you on to sort your eligibility and how to file them properly.

It is important for an owner of a solar panel to monitor the production and consumption of electricity of their solar panel system. Through our app monitoring system, you are empowered and informed as you go on your solar panel journey.

We offer a low Annual Percentage Rate for your loans. We have in-house and partner financial institutions who can assist you in financing your solar panel investment without the burden of high-interest rates and unimaginable costs.

Transform Your Home with Solaria's Smart Combo Deals!

No Money Down on

Solar + Roof or Solar + HVAC Packages

Elevate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort with Our Integrated Solutions. Get Started with a Free Energy Audit and See the Difference Today!

Our High-Quality Services In St. Cloud

if you are looking for solar panel installation companies, Solaria Solar and Roofing is the best for you. We offer residential solar panel installation with the most flexible financial options and low APR loans allowing you a more sustainable future, savings, and a financial burden-free future!

Optimize energy savings with an energy-efficient water heater. Our hybrid water heaters are specially designed to give your entire house a heated water system for your faucets and shower rooms. Have the best and relaxing baths with our easy-to-use hybrid water heaters.

Fulfill the green initiatives for your business . With a solar panel, you do not have to worry about power interruption and being depending on electrical grids.

Store the un-utilized solar energy produced by your solar panel roof using a solar battery storage solution. With our compact solar battery storage, you can enjoy limitless and uninterrupted power production. Say goodbye to power shortages and being dependent on electrical grids. Our solar battery and solar panel roof can give you the best solar power experience for your home or business needs.

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

Elevate Your Home with Solaria Solar and Roofing Today!

Don’t just go solar—transform your home with our expert solar and roofing services. Reach out to Solaria Solar and Roofing for dependable, cost-effective solutions in St. Cloud and across Central Florida. Let’s make your switch to sustainability a seamless journey!

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Solar Panel Installation, St. Cloud, FL

Solaria Energy Solutions is a green company focused on promoting sustainability practices and the use of renewable solar energy. Our main goal is to provide our customers access to state of the art solar panel systems at the best prices on the market  to eliminate their monthly power bill. We cut through all the jargon and lay out the cost benefits of going solar in layman’s terms so you access the cleanest renewable resource that we have on this planet – solar.

We are a 5-star Google rated business as seen below. In addition, we have the best solar panel experts and consultants who can walk you through every step of the way towards your future solar-powered home.

Don’t waste time searching for “solar companies near me”, “solar providers near me”, or “solar installers near me”. Solaria Energy Solutions is the best option among local solar companies in St. Cloud, FL and Central Florida.