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Embarking on a journey to green energy has never been easier, and you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Solaria Solar and Roofing, renowned for our holistic approach to transforming homes and businesses in Oviedo, FL, integrates solar and roofing solutions seamlessly. Our consistent 5-star ratings reflect our commitment to excellence and sustainable practices.


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Elevate Your Oviedo Home with Solar and Roofing Today!

Don’t hesitate—unlock the full potential of solar and roofing for your home. Reach out to Solaria Solar and Roofing for a complimentary, no-pressure energy audit and consultation. Let’s illuminate your path to sustainability together!

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If you want to learn more about us directly from our customers, feel free to read through our 5-Star ratings and reviews!

Top Reasons for Going Solar

When you go green with our solar panel installation service, you will discover how sustainable energy, besides helping the environment, includes other benefits that makes “cutting the cord” easier. From federal and state tax credits to increased property value, there are many benefits from switching to solar!

No power bill

Remove one costly bill from your list today. With solar panels, you will no longer pay energy companies. Instead, you pay yourself.

Tax Incentives

Household and business owners are recognized for their contribution to helping the environment by available Federal and State tax incentives. We walk you through the process so you can capture all the incentives available to you.

Short payback period

Another advantage to this investment is that it is low risk and has a short payback period. Moreover, you get more savings from the dramatic decrease in solar panel costs.

Increased Property Value

Realtors know that having a solar panel system on your property is a great addition to easily selling it to potential homebuyers. This is supported by recent studies today. Hence, you are making a great investment today and for your future.

Reduced carbon footprint

We all know how climate has changed. Now that we have the option to access and use renewable energy, we can help by reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring others to use solar energy.

Avoid power outages

Avoid the stress and inconvenience of power outages during stormy days or any other day. With solar panels gathering and solar batteries storing energy, you will never have to experience power outages.


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

Solaria offers zero upfront fees. That is right, you will not have to pay a penny when we start this project with you. We have the financial instruments at hand so you don’t have upfront fees!

We are experts at what we do. So, wherever your property is located, we can find the right spot where your panel units will be placed. This ensures that the production of energy is 100% guaranteed.

To make sure that your investment is protected, we only work with the best solar panel manufacturers in the market. All our manufacturers have a 25-year manufacturer warranty on their panels.

We partner with SolarInsure to provide our customers the option of a full 30 years warranty for the solar panel parts and labor. Moreover, it is fully transferrable!

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With Solaria, you own the unit yourself, not lease. This allows you to enjoy all the federal and state tax incentives.

As you own the unit, you alone benefit from the tax incentives offered by the federal and state governments. We will be here to guide you through the process.

Because we support your transition to going solar, we provide you with an app that monitors your solar energy production and consumption to make sure you are getting maximum energy production.

We want to make sure that as you switch to solar, the process won’t be a financial burden. That is why we provide an affordable Annual Percentage Rate for your loans. Our bank partners offer reasonable rates.

Transform Your Home with Solaria's Smart Combo Deals!

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Solar + Roof or Solar + HVAC Packages

Elevate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort with Our Integrated Solutions. Get Started with a Free Energy Audit and See the Difference Today!


Our High-Quality Solar Installation Services

We help household owners switch to green energy. We support families that decide to save money on energy bills. Our services are top-of-the-line, and we help in the best ways we can, from providing cost-effective services and financing options to durable and long-lasting solar panels.

Hybrid water heaters use efficient heat pump technology that can heat up the water that runs in your home or business more efficiently than standard water heaters.

If it is your business’ objective to go green, then Solaria can help you. Start now and be free from depending on the power grid. Control your business’ power production and consumption while helping the environment.

Store the energy produced by your solar panels in solar batteries instead of the power grid to completely eliminate power outages. As your panels gather solar energy, your batteries will save it for you and the system can use it when needed to power your home or business.

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions For A Solar Company Near Oviedo

Utilizing solar energy in Oviedo brings numerous benefits. With solar panels, you can significantly lower or eliminate your monthly electricity bills, equating to around $21,000 in savings over 20 years. Additionally, switching to solar energy will make a positive environmental impact by minimizing carbon dioxide emissions.

Various factors influence the total costs associated with installing solar panels in Oviedo. These factors include multiple incentives like the solar investment tax credit (ITC), the size and type of the solar system chosen, the amount of sunlight your location receives, and your household’s overall energy consumption levels.

In Oviedo, FL, as of May 2023, the cost of installing a solar system of average size, around 5 kilowatts (kW), typically falls between $10,795 and $14,605. The average gross price for such a system is approximately $12,700.

Switching to solar energy can result in substantial savings for homeowners in Oviedo. The projected savings over the next 20 years are around $12,073.86. Additionally, the cost of your solar array is likely to be recovered in about 8.8 years.

There are several incentives available for adopting solar energy in Oviedo. The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) enables a fraction of the project cost as a deduction from your taxes. Local incentives might also be accessible. Solaria will assist in ensuring that you utilize all available incentives to the maximum.

A solar power system’s average payback period in Oviedo is approximately 9.64 years. It is the time taken to recover the initial investment through electricity savings.

There is a positive environmental impact associated with solar energy. Transitioning to solar power can decrease carbon dioxide emissions by around 90 pounds annually, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

To get a quote for a solar power system in Oviedo, you can contact Solaria Energy Solutions, one of the leading solar companies in the area. They offer free, no-obligation quotes, which can be requested by calling or filling out the request form on their website.

Yes, several financing options are available for solar power systems in Oviedo. These options include solar loans, leases, or power purchase agreements (PPAs). Solaria Energy Solutions can guide you through these alternatives and offer advice.

The abundant sunlight in Oviedo plays a significant role in your solar panels’ energy production. More sunlight equates to more energy generated and consequently higher savings on your power bills.

As of May 2023, in Oviedo, FL, solar panels cost an average of $2.54 per watt. This price is indicative of the cost efficiency of solar panels.

Oviedo residents can save $33,822 by switching to solar energy over the next 20 years. A solar energy system can save money that would otherwise have been paid to a utility company, illustrating its long-term financial benefits.

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Oviedo's Solar Journey: Solar Panel Installation Promises Long-Term Savings

With its rich heritage and bustling community, Oviedo is a city that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Amidst its iconic chickens and historic buildings, a new trend is taking root – solar power. At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we’re proud to be part of this sustainable shift, ensuring that Oviedo’s solar journey is as smooth as it is rewarding.

Embracing solar energy is more than a nod to environmental stewardship. It’s a forward-thinking financial decision that promises significant long-term savings for the residents of Oviedo. But how do these savings materialize, and why does solar make much economic sense for Oviedo homeowners and businesses? Let’s delve a little deeper.

Sunlight, an abundant resource in the ‘Sunshine State,’ is free. Once the initial cost of solar panel installation is covered, the energy generated costs virtually nothing. It reduces reliance on traditional energy sources, leading to a substantial decrease in electricity bills. Oviedo’s generous sunshine means more potential for solar energy generation, translating to more savings for you.

But there’s more. Oviedo residents also protect themselves from future utility rate hikes by switching to solar. While the cost of conventional electricity continues to rise, the cost of solar energy remains steady – free sunlight! It not only offers peace of mind but also makes budgeting energy expenses more predictable.

In the same vein, solar panels increase the value of a property. A solar-powered home in Oviedo is an attractive proposition for potential buyers, who will be drawn to your property’s reduced energy costs and green credentials. It’s an investment that promises to pay dividends should you ever decide to sell.

At Solaria, we’re not just solar panel installers. We’re committed partners on your solar journey. Our team, hailing from the heart of Oviedo, is familiar with the city’s unique architectural charm and is trained to install solar panels on various building types. Our team handles everything from the initial consultation to the installation and maintenance, making the switch to solar a hassle-free experience.

Moreover, we understand that every home and business in Oviedo is unique. Hence, our solutions are tailored to your specific needs. We don’t just install solar panels; we create customized solar strategies that promise maximum savings.

The future is sunny in Oviedo. As we take this solar journey together, we’re not just harnessing the power of the sun but investing in our community, homes, and shared future. With Solaria Solar and Roofing, you’re not just a customer but a partner in building a brighter, more sustainable Oviedo. Let’s bring this vision to life, one solar panel at a time.

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Solaria is here to help start saving money today. We provide reliable, state-of-the-art solar panels and roofing at the best prices in Oviedo and Central Florida!

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If you desire to transition to green energy, you are on the right track because you have come to the right place. Solaria Energy Solutions is the green company here to help you transform your home or business in Oviedo, FL. We have 5-star ratings for a reason.

Solaria Energy Solutions is a trusted solar energy company in Central Florida. Our family-owned and operated business promotes easy access to state-of-the-art but cost-effective solar panel installation services. No need to search for “solar installers near me” or “solar companies near me” because we are your best option in Oviedo, FL!