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Solaria Solar and Roofing is dedicated to delivering top-tier solar and roofing services to MetroWest, FL, ensuring affordability without compromising on functionality or quality. As a family-run enterprise, we take pride in offering comprehensive solar panel and roofing solutions to both residential and commercial clients across Florida, blending tradition with innovation for a sustainable future.


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Elevate Your Home with Solaria Solar and Roofing!

Reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation to explore our budget-friendly solar panel and roofing services. Start your sustainable journey with us!

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We are 5-star rated! As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our workmanship and quality of service and follow-up. We are proud of our 5-star reviews and strive to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

Top Reasons for Going Solar

When you go green with our solar panel installation service, you will discover how sustainable energy, besides helping the environment, includes other benefits that makes “cutting the cord” easier. From federal and state tax credits to increased property value, there are many benefits from switching to solar!

No power bill

Choosing a solar battery storage solution with your solar panel installation means one less bill on your list. Savings that you can allocate elsewhere!

Tax Incentives

The state and federal government offers generous cash incentives that reward you for your commitment to a sustainable future. This makes a solar panel installation for your home or business within affordable reach.

Short payback period

This is a low-risk investment that includes a short payback time. The cost of solar panels has dramatically dropped due to technological advances.

Increased Property Value

Solar panels are a great addition to the household or the commercial establishment. Not only that, but resale studies show that solar panel installations increase your property value.

Reduced carbon footprint

Going solar means less CO2 emissions from traditional energy sources. You can do your part in making a sustainable future for generations to come.

Avoid power outages

With solar panels and solar batteries, the solar power you collect can be stored for later use. This means no more random power outages to worry about on random or unexpected days!


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we have many financial instruments at hand so that you do not have to pay any upfront fees to start using solar energy to power your home or business.

We insure proper sizing and placement of your solar panel system so that it is optimized for maximum output of energy. Our energy monitoring app for your smartphone makes monitoring your energy production and savings a cinch!

We only use the best suppliers on the market. All of our panels come with a 25-year manufacturers’ warranty against defects.

You will enjoy a 30-year longer warranty because we partner with SolarInsure. They will cover the parts and the labor of your panels, plus, you can transfer the coverage fully.

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You own the solar panel system we install. We do not deal in expensive lease contracts with complicated terms.

Because you own the panels, you get to enjoy the tax incentives yourself. We will guide you are here to guide you through the process so that you get the maximum incentives you are due.

With the app feature, you can easily check the performance of your solar panel system. Plus, you can monitor your household or building’s consumption.

Don’t think solar panel installation cost is too expensive for you. We have financing options that make going green incredibly affordable. Plus, we only partner with the banking or financing institutions that can offer the lowest APR rates with no fees.

Transform Your Home with Solaria's Smart Combo Deals!

No Money Down on

Solar + Roof or Solar + HVAC Packages

Elevate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort with Our Integrated Solutions. Get Started with a Free Energy Audit and See the Difference Today!


Our High-Quality Services

When you go green and want to start with your home, we can serve your needs with high-quality service, superior solar panels, and reliable solar panel installation. We provide all of these at a price you can afford. With solar energy, you get to save more money for your household.

Aside from the solar panel installations, we also provide top-of-the-line energy efficient hybrid water heaters that use heat pump technology. Combining a solar panel installation with a hybrid water heater for your home will add to your energy savings.

We support organizations that value the importance of the environment. That is why we offer our outstanding services whatever the size of your business. If you are looking into solar energy for your business, note that we are here to help you achieve your goal to go green.

Solar batteries store the energy produced by your solar panels make you completely free from the power grid and unforeseen power outages.

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

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Why Hesitate? Embrace Solar and Roofing with Solaria!

Join the Solaria Solar and Roofing family in MetroWest, FL. Dive into a world of sustainable energy and durable protection for your home or business. Reach out now for a brighter tomorrow!

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Top-Rated Solar Panel Installation Company in MetroWest, FL

Solaria Energy Solutions is committed to bringing solar energy to MetroWest, FL at an affordable price without sacrificing the functionality and quality of the solar panel system and technology. We are a family-owned and operated business, providing solar panel installation services to households and businesses in Florida.

We do not only promote the use of renewable energy but also affordable access to this green energy. We believe that going solar is the future! So, as we strive to provide our services, we also dedicate our business to educating more families and businesses about going green.

Our customers can attest to our professionalism and reliability through our 5-star Google reviews. Moreover, we make sure that your solar panel rooftop is optimized to produce the most energy possible by correctly sizing and positioning of the solar panels specifically for your roof’s design. Call now to learn about the current incentives available!