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Solaria Solar and Roofing, your trusted partner in green energy solutions, is on a mission to make solar panel and roofing services available and accessible to everyone in Kissimmee, FL, fostering a sustainable future. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, and we guarantee top-tier service, reflecting our dedication to excellence. As an experienced local provider, our portfolio of satisfied customers and 5-Star reviews speaks to the quality and reliability of our work. Choose Solaria for a seamless transition to a greener lifestyle with our expert solar and roofing solutions.


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Solaria Solar and Roofing Reviews in Kissimmee

Read why we are rated one of the best solar companies in Kissimmee, FL. . . directly from our customers!

Top Reasons for Going Solar

One of the main reasons we tell our customers why they should go solar is financial rewards. Not everyone knows about the benefits and rewards of a solar panel system, and we believe that bridging that gap helps our customers to be more informed and make smarter decisions towards a sustainable future.

The benefits go beyond financial rewards. As global warming is becoming more apparent, we need more sustainable energy practices such as solar to ensure our future.

No Power Bill

A solar panel system will help reduce your monthly bills by removing the electric bill off your list. There is only a minimum charge for a net-metered system, or using the power company to store your solar energy. Using solar batteries allows you to get the cord all together!

Tax Incentives

In order to fast track the use and adaptation of solar panels and rooftop panels for the greener future, the federal government and local government made sure to incentivize household owners and commercial business owners. Now, having a solar panel allows you to enjoy federal government and state-wide incentives.

Short Payback Period

A solar panel system provides high functionality investment that comes with a short payback time with the dramatic decrease in cost to produce solar cells.

Increased Property Value

Multiple studies have shown that home values increase with a solar panel system installed. Plus, Florida offers tax exemption on property tax if you own a solar panel system!

Reduced Carbon Footprint

While you take advantage of the use of solar energy, you also contribute to the environment and serve as a steward in preserving it.

Avoid Power Outages

Unexpected and annoying power outages will never be a problem if you allow us to install your own rooftop panel.

Why Choose Our Solar Panel Installers in Kissimmee

Unlike other solar energy companies, we do not ask for upfront fees. We make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed without any financial burden on your part. That is the Solaria way of making solar panel installation available for everyone.

Our solar panel experts and engineers are trained to strategically place and do the solar installation to optimize the energy production of your rooftop panels.

We make sure that you are well covered with our 25-year manufacturer warranty so you do not have to worry about defective solar panel systems. We offer free service without any hidden charges.

We have partnered with SolarInsure, the most trusted name in home solar warranties, to offer you a best in-class 30 year parts and labor extended warranty. Fully transferrable!

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Owning the unit allows you to enjoy government incentives and tax credits. That is why we encourage our clients to own a unit rather than leasing them.

Some solar companies have third-party firms that get a percentage of tax credits. However, with Solaria Energy Solutions, we make sure that 100% of the government incentive and tax credits are yours to enjoy!

We believe that solar panel management is integral to your satisfaction. Hence, we have developed an application that can monitor the production and consumption of electricity so you can oversee your usage and solar panel operation.

We have partner financial institutions that offer low Annual Percentage Rate loans to ensure that you are getting the best out of your solar panel investment. While the average cost of solar panels is low, having a low APR loan can even get you more financial rewards and a burden-free future!

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Our High-Quality Services

Solaria Solar and Roofing offers solar panel installation for your household. Regardless of your property’s size, we can guarantee that we can make your home 100% solar powered so you are independent of the power grid.

Our hybrid water heaters optimally perform without any problem. Now, you can enjoy a responsive water heating system with ease, comfort, and savings. Choose the right heater setting for your needs with its easy-to-use program.

business owners can enjoy uninterrupted operation with Solaria Solar and Roofing solar panel service and installation. We believe that owning a business, it is important for owners to have access to consistent electrical production and supply. Hence, our solar panel roof system can guarantee your business uninterrupted service and zero downtimes. Enjoy hassle-free business and contribute to the future of the planet while earning money!

Solar battery allows you to store solar energy and convert it to electricity for later use. With our impressive solar battery design and installation service, you can store as much electricity as you need so you do not experience power shortages. Our solar batteries are compact and unlike any other solar battery storage, we have successfully designed a device that is mobile and light.

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions for Solar Installers in Kissimmee, FL

The total expenses associated with a solar setup in Kissimmee vary based on numerous aspects, including the necessary system size, the chosen brand and quality of solar panels, the type of panels selected, the intricacy of the roof structure for panel placement, the specific installation company, and the various fees for permits and interconnection.

Solar panels bring a plethora of benefits to Kissimmee residents. These include significantly reducing or eliminating electricity bills, potentially augmenting your home’s value, environmental contributions through lower carbon emissions, and the opportunity to tap into various financial incentives.

In Kissimmee, you can save an estimated $13,895.51 over 20 years by opting for solar power. However, these savings could fluctuate based on your current power consumption and the sunlight your residence receives.

Taking advantage of the Solar ITC, homeowners can claim 30% of their solar project costs on their annual tax returns, decreasing their tax liability for that particular year. This credit is available for Kissimmee homeowners till the year 2032.

Solar installations have the potential to enhance your home’s value. Introducing solar panels could lead to immediate reductions or complete elimination of electricity bills, raising your home’s worth. On average, homes experience a value increase of around 4.1%.

Net metering is a mechanism that permits excess power generated by your solar system, which isn’t consumed by your household, to be redirected back to the grid. It results in a credit being awarded to you by your utility company, effectively mitigating or negating your electricity bill.

Yes! Opting for solar energy in Kissimmee brings about considerable environmental benefits. Solar power has the potential to significantly diminish your carbon footprint, reducing it by around 90 pounds each year. This decrease in reliance on non-renewable energy sources helps combat climate change effectively.

In Kissimmee, solar installations necessitate acquiring permits and undergoing inspections. To facilitate a smooth process, your solar project manager will undertake all the required procedures for permitting and inspections.

Yes, Solaria Energy Solutions provides numerous financing options for solar installation in Kissimmee. Most of these options require minimal upfront costs and still allow using the federal tax credit.

A solar panel system utilizes sunlight that strikes its cells, stimulating electron flow and producing an electrical current. This energy is transformed from DC to AC power, catering to your home’s energy needs.

As of May 2023, in Kissimmee, FL, the average solar panel price is approximately $2.58 per watt. The total expense for a standard solar setup typically ranges from $10,965 to $14,835.

Investing in solar panels in Kissimmee, FL, is indeed a financially prudent decision. Over 20 years, you can anticipate savings of around $33,739 by installing a solar system of average size.

Post-2032, the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will undergo reductions to 26% in 2033 and 22% in 2034 before being phased out entirely in 2035.

If your solar system generates power beyond your usage, the extra power is returned to the grid with a grid-tied system. Your utility company credits you for this excess power, which lowers your electricity bill. At the year’s end, if your power generation exceeds your consumption, you may even receive a check for the surplus.

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Living Sustainably in Kissimmee: How Solar Panel System Aligns with Your Green Lifestyle

Nestled in Florida’s heart, Kissimmee is a delightful locale with natural charm. Our cityscape is adorned with sparkling lakes and verdant parks, painting a picture of nature’s splendor. Amid this enchanting panorama, our duty to safeguard our environmental treasure becomes crystal clear. A practical yet powerful means to fulfill this responsibility? We can improve our homes and lifestyles by incorporating solar energy into our homes and lifestyles.

Sun-kissed Florida spoils us with abundant sunshine throughout the year, right? This consistent influx of sunlight makes Kissimmee a perfect candidate for capitalizing on solar energy. This clean, renewable energy stream offers an impactful solution for those who wish to lead a more sustainable life in our beloved city.

Solar panel systems are an excellent fit for eco-aware households in Kissimmee. They effectively capture our plentiful sunlight, converting it into electricity to power our homes. Beyond that, embracing solar energy helps us lessen our reliance on finite energy resources and can even enable us to feed excess electricity back into the grid.

But solar power isn’t just an environmental champion; it’s also a friend to your finances. By reducing your grid electricity dependency, you’ll likely witness a significant dip in your monthly energy bills. Plus, federal and state incentives make switching to solar panels more affordable. As Kissimmee dwellers, we can seize these incentives, making our shift to solar power a financially astute decision.

Choosing to power your home with solar energy substantially contributes to a greener Kissimmee. Every solar panel installed helps shrink our combined carbon footprint, bringing us closer to a future where our energy demands are met responsibly and sustainably. It isn’t just about greening our homes—it’s about cherishing and preserving the environment that makes our city so unique.

Adding solar power to your green practices, whether composting at home, conserving water, or ramping up your recycling efforts, elevates your sustainable impact. We, the residents of Kissimmee, can become eco-ambassadors, displaying our dedication to sustainability in a tangible, practical way.

Embracing solar power in Kissimmee goes beyond merely affixing panels to our rooftops—it’s an active step towards a more sustainable tomorrow. It’s about maximizing our sunny days, minimizing our environmental footprint, and nurturing our magnificent city. It’s about moving—whether in leaps or steps—towards a greener, brighter future. And that’s a concept that can illuminate any lifestyle.

Kissimmee, Elevate Your Energy Game with Solaria Solar and Roofing!

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Solar Panel Installation, Kissimmee, FL

Solaria Energy Solutions is a green energy company. Our mission is to make solar panel installation available and accessible to anyone and promote a more sustainable and green future.

As a highly committed solar company, we ensure your satisfaction and guarantee the best service for our clients. We an experienced local solar company in Florida and we have many satisfied customers as shown in our 5-Star reviews.

Talk to our solar panel experts and consultants to learn about solar panel installation costs, payback period, and  the benefits of owning your own solar energy system. We make sure that you are properly informed, as you go along on your solar panel journey and your future of sustainability.