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Solaria Solar and Roofing stands out among Central Florida’s solar and roofing service providers by offering affordable solutions that harness renewable energy. In Hunters Creek, where sunlight is plentiful, leveraging this natural resource to power your home and minimize electricity bills presents a prime opportunity. Our dual focus on solar and roofing ensures not only the efficient capture of solar energy but also the durability and integrity of your home’s structure. With Solaria Solar and Roofing, you’ll enjoy the full spectrum of benefits that come with solar energy, complemented by top-tier roofing services to maximize your investment.


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Seize Solar Excellence for Your Home with Solaria!

Discover the ultimate solution to your “best solar panel installers near me” query. At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we offer complimentary consultations for homeowners in Hunters Creek interested in harnessing the power of solar panels for their homes. Connect with us to explore your solar and roofing options today!

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Solaria Solar and Roofing has the best reviews on Google regarding solar panel installation in Hunters Creek! Read here to see what our happy customers have to say about us.

Top Reasons for Going Solar

The importance of renewable energy is gradually becoming more and more understood, and we want to do our part in saving the planet. We are continually looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional energy forms, which often come at the expense of our environment. Solar panels are an excellent method of accessing renewable energy and diminishing your carbon footprint.

Partnering with local solar companies like Solaria is more than just the money. Here are some of the other benefits.

No power bill

While your electricity bills take a big chunk of monthly expenses, solar panels for the whole home can eliminate high energy bills. Even if you can’t produce enough energy to meet all your needs, having solar panels to supplement your energy supply will still reduce utility costs and save money in the long run.

Tax Incentives

The government offers a tax credit of 30% for homeowners who install solar panels, which can further reduce the solar installation cost. For example, if your system costs $10,000, you would only have to pay $7,000 after the tax credit.

Short payback period

The re-payment period is the time the solar panels take to recover their upfront investment. The payback period is brief and often lasts for less than ten years. After that, you will be saving money every year!

Increased Property Value

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular, and as a result, they are adding value to homes. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that homes with solar panels sold 20% faster and for 17% more money than homes without solar panels.

Reduced carbon footprint

Clean energy will reduce your company’s or household’s carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future by lessening our dependency on power plants that release greenhouse gases. For example, solar panels don’t produce greenhouse gases, so they are a great way to decrease your carbon footprint and help support climate change.

Avoid power outages

Solar energy is a reliable power source and can even be used to generate electricity during a power outage. Even if the grid goes down, you can meet your energy needs with solar panels if you reside in a region where hurricanes or other natural disasters are common.

Best Solar Company in Hunters Creek, FL

Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

We provide you with the best solar energy technology at a very affordable price. We don’t charge upfront fees, just like other solar energy companies do not. We ensure that your happiness is protected without putting financial pressure on you. That’s how Solaria approaches making solar panel installation accessible to everyone.

We guarantee that your rooftop panel will produce a certain amount of energy over its lifetime. We have trained and experienced solar panel installers in Hunters Creek who will ensure that your system is installed correctly.

All our solar panel roofs come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects at no additional cost. Knowing that your solar panel roof is protected will give you total peace of mind.

We are proud to partner with SolarInsure, the most dependable name in solar home warranties, to offer you an incomparable 30-year part and labor extended warranty. Long-term security is one worry you can forget about.

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You may receive government incentives and tax credits if you own the unit. As a result of our recommendation to our clients, we strongly urge them to acquire rather than lease a unit.


Most solar companies have third-party firms that take a percentage of your tax credits. However, Solaria Energy Solutions guarantees you keep 100% of the government incentive and tax credits!

We’ll walk you through every process stage, from selecting the appropriate system to monitoring your solar panel’s output. In addition, we developed an app that lets you check your energy production from anywhere!

We’ve teamed up with trusted financing companies that provide the lowest APR rates for the cost of tesla solar panels on the market, making going green affordable.

Transform Your Home with Solaria's Smart Combo Deals!

No Money Down on

Solar + Roof or Solar + HVAC Packages

Elevate Your Home’s Energy Efficiency and Comfort with Our Integrated Solutions. Get Started with a Free Energy Audit and See the Difference Today!

Solar Panel Installation in Hunters Creek, FL

Our High-Quality Services

Solaria is among the best solar companies that offer excellent quality hybrid water heaters. These top-of-the-line solar water heaters use the sun’s rays to heat your water, saving you up to 80% on your water heating bill!

Solar battery storage systems and solar panels are the answer. With solar batteries, you may eliminate power outages and move towards a more pleasant future. Our solar battery storage system allows you to store 100% of the energy generated by your solar panel system.

Are there solar companies near me? Fortunately, yes! Only Solaria Solar and Roofing offers the best solar installation services in Hunters Creek, FL, and surrounding areas.

The average cost of solar panels will not hurt your bottom line. On the contrary, commercial solar panels will save you money in the long run by offsetting your electric bill. It will convert your business’s energy needs into an asset instead of a liability.

With this, Solaria has helped many businesses in Hunters Creek, FL, go solar and experience the financial benefits for themselves. Become one of them today!

You might wonder if solar panel installation is only commercial and ask, “Are there solar providers near me for a residential installation? The answer is yes! Switch to solar power and see the difference for yourselves. We offer residential solar panel installation services to help you save on your electric bill.

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

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Go Solar with Confidence

Discover unmatched quality and affordability with Solaria Solar and Roofing in Hunters Creek, FL. Our exceptional services are a call away at (321) 234-9000. Embark on your solar adventure today!

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Solar Panel Installation, Hunters Creek, FL

Solaria Energy Solutions is the greatest among solar panel installation companies in Central Florida in lowering solar panel installation costs by using renewable energy. Being in Hunters Creek, wherein an abundance of the sun is available, it would be an opportunity to use this resource to power up your home and reduce your electricity bills. There are many benefits to using solar energy, and Solaria Energy Solutions will help you achieve these benefits.

Not only that, we have the region’s most competitive solar panel costs, and we assure our customers receive the finest service possible. Have confidence that our top priority is your total satisfaction. Our team offers a guarantee on all of our installations unrivaled by other solar companies. If you want to assist future generations, Solaria Energy Solutions is here to help you.