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Solaria Solar and Roofing, a green-focused company based in Apopka, FL, is dedicated to making a significant impact by offering cost-effective solar panel systems and roofing solutions for homes and businesses. As a family-owned and operated business, we stand firmly by our core principle of promoting sustainability through renewable energy. Our expanded services now include not just low-cost solar panel installations but also high-quality roofing services, ensuring no compromise on service or quality. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet your energy and protection needs, all while adhering to our mission of environmental responsibility.


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Top Reasons for Going Solar

Not only is converting to solar energy a great way to help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint there are numerous financial benefits as well.

Enjoy these benefits if you go solar now with Solar Energy Solutions:

No Power Bill

Start saving money by paying yourself and not the power company! Pay on the solar system you own instead of perpetual power bills.

Tax Incentives

The federal government together with local and state governments issues solar tax incentives and benefits for users who own a solar panel system. Now, you may not worry about solar panels for home costs because of these tax incentives which you can file and claim to reduce your tax obligations.  For 2022 through 2032, the solar tax inventive is 30% of your installation cost!

Short Payback Period

Have high functionality, low-risk investment when you finally install a solar panel system in your property. With drop in the cost of solar manufacturing and technology, it is more affordable than ever to cut the cord with your power company.

Increased Property Value

States such as California and now requiring new construction homes have solar energy.  Multiple studies have shown that having a home powered by solar energy adds value to your home.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon emissions is the path to a greener and sustainable future. A solar panel system in your home or business can be a great step in reducing this carbon footprint and providing clean energy.

Avoid Power Outages

When solar panels installation is paired with solar battery storage, you do not need to worry about power outages.


Why Choose Our Solar Installation Company

We have the financial instruments at hand to make sure you have no upfront out of pocket expenses.

Our solar panel experts are trained to install solar panel roof at the best and most strategic angle to optimize solar energy production. This is to ensure that your solar panel is exposed to the sun and collects enough solar energy for your electric production and consumption.

We use only the best manufacturers manufacturers of solar panels.  Our guarantee covers any factory defect and issues that may arise with your solar panel unit. This ensures our service guarantee and after-sales promise.

We have partnered with SolarInsure, the most trusted name in home solar warranties, to offer you a best in-class 30 year parts and labor extended warranty. Fully transferrable!

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At Solaria Solar and Roofing, we let you own the unit through a contract. This way, you will be able to claim 100% of the tax incentives and credits that are rightfully yours.

Unlike other solar installation companies, we let you claim your tax credits and incentives without sharing a single penny. We can even provide you with some guidance and assistance on how to know your eligibility and apply for solar tax incentive claims.

Solar panel management is important in order for you to oversee your solar production and electrical consumption. This way, you can be informed and make wise decisions on how to use your home’s energy and be more responsible about solar energy use.

We offer low Annual Percentage Rate loans through our partnered and most trusted financial institutions.

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Our High-Quality Services

If you are looking for solar panel installers near you, Solaria Solar and Roofing is your best choice. With our outstanding service reliability and our client-enriched portfolio, you are ensured with our service and the quality of our products. Never worry about solar panel installation cost as we offer flexible payment terms and various financing options for your solar panel investment.

Our hybrid water heaters are extremely energy efficient and a cost-effective solution for anyone trying to reduce their energy bills.

Our business clients have transformed their businesses into a more responsible and sustainable organization. The good thing is that while they are doing it, they are saving money by cutting electrical bills without the hassle of power shortages and power outages.

Say goodbye to power outages and make your way to a better future with solar panels and solar battery storage systems. Our solar battery storage system allows you to store 100% of the energy produced by your solar panel system.

We only offer the best solar installation services in Apopka, FL and surrounding areas. Call us now for more information!

Discover our new Roofing Services! Solaria  now extends its
expertise beyond solar installations, offering both residential and commercial roofing services. Ensure the integrity of your roof, the foundation of your solar investment, with our high-quality, reliable roofing solutions. Your seamless
transition to solar energy just got easier!

Experience unparalleled HVAC services with Solaria in Orlando, specializing in Bryant and Carrier installations and repairs. Our expert team guarantees efficient, high-quality solutions for your home or business, ensuring year-round comfort and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions for Apopka Solar Panel Installers

The average solar installation cost in Apopka, Florida, particularly for a 5-kilowatt (kW) system, typically varies between $10,880 and $14,720. All things considered, the average gross price is about $12,800.

Absolutely, incentives and tax credits are available for installing solar panels in Apopka, Florida. One notable incentive is the 30% federal investment tax credit (ITC). Additionally, other state and local incentives aim to make the transition to solar more affordable for residents.

The cost of solar panels in Apopka, Florida, is influenced by various factors. It includes the size of the system for installation, the brand and quality of the panels chosen, the type of panels, the intricacy of the roof design where the panels will be fitted, the company that performs the installation, and the associated permitting and interconnection fees.

In Apopka, Florida, it typically takes about 8.3 years, on average, for homeowners to recoup the cost of their solar panel system. This figure, of course, might fluctuate based on numerous factors, including the installation’s size and the sunlight your house receives.

By switching to solar power in Apopka, Florida, you could expect to see substantial savings on your electricity bills, potentially around $13,298.60 over 20 years. It largely depends on your current energy usage and the efficiency of your solar system.

Choosing solar energy in Apopka, Florida, offers notable environmental advantages. By opting for solar power over traditional energy sources, you can effectively decrease your annual carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 90 pounds, actively contributing to climate change mitigation.

There are multiple pros to installing solar panels in Apopka, Florida. These include a marked reduction in electricity bills, access to a sustainable and renewable energy source, and the possibility of high returns on investment (ROI).

For an average household in Apopka, Florida, around 20 to 35 solar panels are usually necessary to meet their energy needs. However, the exact number can vary based on the specific energy requirements of the household.

The Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) in Apopka, Florida, currently set at 30%, has been extended through 2032. This particular tax credit allows homeowners to receive a 30% credit on the total expense of their solar installation, effectively lowering the overall cost of their solar system.

Indeed, various financing options are available for solar panels in Apopka, Florida. There are numerous options available that require little to no upfront money. Solaria, for instance, offers comprehensive guidance to help you navigate all the available options.

Apopka, Florida, residents can enhance their home value by installing solar panels. A study conducted by Zillow in 2019 revealed that solar installations were associated with an approximate 4.1% increase in home value.

In Apopka, Florida, net metering works by taking any excess power generated by your solar system and sending it back to the electrical grid. This results in you receiving credits from your utility company, which could reduce or even completely eliminate your electricity bill.

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Apopka Solar Companies are Leading the Way in Renewable Energy

Rising in response to the global call for sustainable solutions, local solar installation companies are leading the way with solar power – the clean, renewable, and abundant energy source.

Envision Apopka as a model town – a beacon of sustainable living, where homes are not just places to live but powerhouses of clean energy. Solar panels glint under the vast Florida sky, soaking up the sunshine and transforming it into electricity that powers our daily lives. Dreams like these aren’t impossible. They are the realities being shaped by our local solar companies, who are actively shaping a greener future for all of us.

You might wonder – why solar? It’s a question with many answers, but most compellingly, solar power taps into our most abundant energy source – the sun. With over 233 sunny days per year in Apopka, we have an advantage that’s hard to ignore. This renewable technology has never been more affordable, thanks to falling solar panel costs.

The change is palpable. Solar panels adorn rooftops throughout our city, from residential homes to businesses and even municipal buildings. It’s a testament to Apopka’s solar companies’ role in our city’s transformation.

Using the sun’s energy isn’t all there is to it. It’s about creating jobs, boosting our local economy, and fostering a community that values sustainability. Our solar companies aren’t just businesses – they’re an integral part of our community, driving progress and providing educational opportunities about the power of renewable energy.

Our Apopka solar company, with its teams of dedicated professionals, offers tailor-made solutions for every energy need. They’re helping us to break free from our reliance on fossil fuels, one installation at a time. From conducting thorough site evaluations to ensuring optimal installations and providing continued support, they make transitioning to solar an effortless process.

Moreover, these solar companies are not only contributing to the energy landscape but also creating ripple effects of positive change. By decreasing the carbon emissions we produce, we strive to create cleaner air, promote healthier communities, and ultimately build a more sustainable world.

As a community, Apopka stands at the forefront of a greener tomorrow. Our solar companies are the torchbearers of this movement, illuminating the path with their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainable practices. As we embrace solar power, we contribute to a brighter, more sustainable, and more resilient future.

So, let’s salute the tenacity and vision of our local solar companies, such as Solaria Solar and Roofing. Their efforts remind us that renewable energy is more than a possibility. It’s a reality that’s unfolding in front of our very eyes. Let’s continue supporting them, investing in our future, and being part of this transformative journey toward a cleaner, greener, sunnier Apopka.

In Apopka, the sun doesn’t just rise; it shines, promising a new era of sustainable living. It’s time we tap into this power, joining hands with our local solar companies near you, leading the way in renewable energy. Because in Apopka, our future isn’t just bright – it’s solar-powered.

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Solar Panel Installation, Apopka, FL

Solaria Energy Solutions is a green solar installation company that aims to make an impact by providing cost-effective solar panel systems for homes and businesses. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we consistently adhere to our core principle, and which is to promote sustainability through renewable energy with low-cost solar panel installation services with no compromise on service or quality.

We are a 5-Star rated solar installation company.  Our reviews show high marks for price, quality, and service that you can read directly from our customers.  We aim to make solar panel roof or rooftop panel technology available for everyone that desires freedom from the power company and fluctuating energy bills.