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Hybrid water heaters are a cost-effective way of reducing the energy costs of heating your home or pool water. Upgrade your outdated water heater today to start enjoying savings while not having to sacrifice water temperature. Solaria Solar and Roofing, our solar installation company here in Central Florida, provides this cost-effective, top-of-the-line water heater solution.


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What Is a Hybrid Water Heater?

You can now decrease your electrical consumption without cutting on your use of a water heater. Instead, make use of economical water heater solutions with even more heating capacity and efficiency rate compared to traditional water heating systems.

The demand for a more efficient water heater gave birth to a hybrid water heater. Traditional water heaters are more costly and are inefficient in producing the right temperature of heated water.

With this, manufacturers who care for improvement and betterment of the quality of life created this hybrid water heater system.

Hybrid water heaters are powered by electricity and use heat pump technology to take advantage of the year round warm Florida temperatures to efficiently heat water.

The hybrid water heater uses the air from the environment to generate heat and to increase the temperature of the water through its heating pump. This efficiently allows a hybrid water heater to increase and decrease heat without any problem.

Hybrid Water Heater Operation

A hybrid water heater works efficiently when heating water. Its smart water heating system allows it to change water heating methods depending on the water demand. When a small amount of heated water is demanded from the hybrid water heater, it uses air from its surroundings to pass on to its water tank system and utilize the air intake to heat up the water. However, huge demand for heated water converts the method to pure electrical heating to heat the water and increase its temperature without delays efficiently and effectively. In short, the hybrid water heater has a mechanism to manage water heating methodology provisional to its use and the amount of water to be used.

The hybrid water heater also comes with additional features and setting programs to help keep the electrical consumption low. Pre-program options are some of the features of hybrid water heaters to help users to choose from a variety of options for better energy consumption.

The economical setting allows the system to operate in the most efficient way, allowing the hybrid water heater to meet its expected performance at lower cost than typical electric water heaters. Economy setting helps reduce cost by allowing only the optimal energy consumption relative to the demand or the need of its users. Another popular feature is the sleep or vacation program where you can put your hybrid water heater on sleep mode, allowing it to consume minimal energy without having to turn it off completely.

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Top Benefits of Having a Hybrid Water Heater

The hybrid water heater is very popular most especially for residential homeowners with big families. While the traditional water heater is commonly used, the hybrid water heater is getting its deserved attention recently because of its benefits. You can never go wrong in upgrading your existing traditional, gas-powered, or electric water heater to a hybrid water heater. Here are the reasons why:

Generally, a hybrid water heater uses air through its air pump to heat water. In this mode, the hybrid water heater uses very minimally to no electricity to produce heated water for your home. A hybrid water heater, through its most-improved water heating system, provides a more convenient, efficient, and convenient way of heating water without any delays.

On average, a household that uses a hybrid water heater can cut up to two metric tons of carbon footprint annually, 10% of the average total carbon footprint of households in the United States.

Having a hybrid water heater allows you to enjoy Federal and Florida’s state-wide tax incentives and credits, thus, allowing you to save money. A hybrid water heater that uses solar energy through a solar panel roof is eligible for tax incentives and tax credits and state rebates.

You can power you hybrid water heater with electricity provided by your power company or your solar panel system.  Installation is the same as a typical water heater and requires approximately the same footprint.

Hybrid Water Heater

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